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Providing differentiated services is one of our main objectives, we believe that impossibilities do not exist.


Understand our businesses and our projects.


Our plans and projects promote business and high income.


Implement new solutions in our business, so that together we can prosper.

WE create innovative solutionS

Bruno Miguel Pegado Group - Business Solutions  

Created since 2008, we are a young and motivated company, full of new ideas and energy. Over the past few years, we have undertaken a wide range of projects and partnership opportunities. Our goal is to provide innovative services and products to all our customers and contribute to a market where everyone has equal opportunities for growth.

What makes us speciaL


Quality lies in simplicity. That's what we believe, and that's why we aim to make the entire process so simple and satisfying. We want our clients to enjoy the process as much as the end resuLt.


We strive to satisfy and even exceed our customers' expectations and bring value to the business. We work hard to make our services and products perfect to meet the business and profitability needs of our customers around the world.


Our team is made up of professional and dedicated people who love the work they do. Each of our team members treats each project with high professionalism to provide profitable solutions for any business.




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How we work

We are passionate about the work we do and this is the secret of our success, this is not just another job, it is our life and our passion. Our goal is to provide innovative products and services to all our customers and contribute to a market where all companies have equal opportunities for growth.



Kilamba, Block W, Building Nº 15, Store 326-A Luanda - Angola

Capricorn Tower Office 1301-1303 Sheikh Zayed Road Trade Center Dubai - United Arab Emirates 

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