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Automotives Distributor and Commodities Purchase and Sales Management 

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Pegado Motors

We are the exclusive representatives of the first automotive brand in Angola. Pegado is a brand that does its own designs, research and development, production and distribution to its partners. Promoter of innovative solutions for the transport of passengers and goods, it has 21 models to choose from.


Commodities Trade Market: An Overview A commodity market is where individuals and businesses buy and sell raw goods extracted from the earth. These goods can range from cattle to gold, oil to oranges, and even orange juice to wheat. Commodities serve as the building blocks for various products, such as baked goods, gasoline, or high-end jewelry. These markets have a rich history and are essential to both ancient civilizations and modern societies. Commodities are broadly categorized into two types: Hard Commodities: These include natural resources that must be mined or extracted, such as gold, rubber, and oil. Soft Commodities: These are agricultural products or livestock, such as corn, wheat, coffee, sugar, soybeans, and pork. Commodities can be traded directly in spot markets (for immediate delivery) or through financial commodity markets using contracts for future prices. Investors can gain exposure to commodities by purchasing them directly, investing in companies that produce them, or participating in futures contracts. Grupo Bruno Miguel Pegado (BMP) and Its Services Grupo BMP is a company with a diverse range of services and network designed to meet the needs of our clients.  We can assist buyers and sellers in the commodities trade market. 


Shipbroking Services As dry cargo shipbrokers we maintain a large database of vessel positions, cargoes and rates so as to advise out clients accurately how to make the most profitable fixture. Our tanker chartering department is divided in two segments: The Dirty Petroleum Products (DPP) desk and The Clean Petroleum Products (CPP) desk. Both desks handle all aspects of spot chartering, projects and Contracts of Affreightment. The company is comprised by a large team of dry cargo and tanker shipbrokers, as well as a sizeable backup team dealing with post-fixing.



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